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Almanova upcoming events

Hustle at the Amsterdam Rhino

Hustle every Friday at the Amsterdam Rhino Calgary

Colette March 24 at Habitat

Habitat Presents Colette

Koi March 25

Beats From The Streets March

Halo April 02 2011 @ Local 522

Almanova Music presents: Halo (Citydeep Music)


Colette March 24th at Habitat Living Sound

Halo April 2nd At Local 522 – POSTPONED

Hustle at The Amsterdam Rhino

Beats From The Streets at Cafe Koi

Joshua vN February 2011 Mix

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1. Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly – Extended Drums Mix
2. Azari & III – Hungry For The Power – Original Mix
3. Brownout – Slinky – Tal M. Klein Remix
4. Crazy P – Love On The Line – Hot Toddy Mix
5. Drop Out Orchestra – Baby Come Home (Sit On My Ritz) – Dub
6. K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu (You Don’t Like My Music?) – Original Mix
7. Loin Brothers – Garden Of Vargulf – Tornado Wallace Remix
8. Marbeya Sound – Salomon’s Take – Original Mix
9. Storm Queen – Look Right Through – Vocal Mix
10. Studio – Life’s A Beach – Todd Terje Beach House Mix
11. Jacques Renault – Marilyn’s Gold – Original Mix
12. The Backwoods – Midnight Run – Original Mix
13. Ost & Kjex, Solomun – Federgewicht – Oslo Version
14. Eddie C – My Woman – Pbr Streetgang Remix
15. The Revenge – Looking Up To You – Original Mix
16. Gavin Boyce – Rooftop Soul – Original Mix
17. Bell X1 – Flame (Chicken Lips Version)

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Halo April 2, 2011 POSTPONED DATE TBC

Halo April 02 2011 @ Local 522

Almanova Music presents: Halo (Citydeep Music)


Almanova Music is Proud to Present//

HALO (city deep, surface records)


Local 522

522 6th Ave SW
Calgary, AB

Almanova Music is excited to welcome back to Calgary a Dj’s Dj. A musician who has toured the world, produced countless classics, influenced a genre, garnered the respect of his peers and is one half of the legendary H-Foundation. We are very excited to host our follow-up party to Miss Lady Kier at a new venue with the same intimate vibe and select guest list.

exclusive 2hr. dj set

Halo’s career in dance music has always been about evolution. His sonic education and progression throughout his professional life has contributed to his metamorphosis both as a DJ and producer. Credited with a diverse and remarkably long list of productions, remixes and collaborations, a stable and successful independent record label CityDeep Music, prestigious residencies and a globetrotting DJ schedule, the past few years have seen Halo take the industry by storm.

Halo’s blend of deep house and modern sophisticated rhythms is keenly rooted in the early dance floor sounds of New York, Detroit and home town Chicago. The brand of music he has fashioned is comfortable and timeless; it just fits. His productions, which reside in the record boxes of the world’s top DJs, are equally relevant month after month, year after year.

Behind the decks, Halo remains among the most respected in the industry and continues to assert that DJing is his first passion. Purveying his music, he has traveled around the world hitting far off destinations like London, South Africa, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Australia, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and the regular hot spots in Europe and the Americas.

Check out Halo’s Web Radio Show Here:

Opening DJ sets by Calgary’s own House Masters:
Jody Crowe
Joshua van Nieuwkerk

$20 in advance more at the door if available

**Please visit the following locations to purchase your tickets**
Underground Clothing (Chinook)
The Gallery (17th Ave SW)


Local 522 (522 6th Ave SW)

18+, must have valid photo ID, ROAR

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LIVE SET | BFTS January 28th

BFTS January 28 2011

Beats From The Streets @ Cafe Koi

BFTS January 28th – Dj’s Joshua Vn, Dylan Leroy, & Mike Dub

Limited time download!

We will be taking this recording down after next months party and replacing it with the new recording from the February 25th Beats From The Streets show live at Koi.

Join us on Twitter: @almanovamusic @Joshua_vN @Dj_funkdub @dylanLeroy

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