Jody Crowe

Jody began his DJ career 7 years ago, having been influenced by his experiences chronicling the Halifax dance community for a university thesis paper. Having learned the craft of DJing from his friends Thrills (Darrin Lee) and Jay Hamilton, Jody’s bumpin, energetic, funky sound and sexy style has progressed and developed to become uniquely his own.

2004 – 2005 was a big year for Jody. He followed up the release of his first mix CD “Spin and Tonic” with his second called “Around the House”, hosted his monthly MUSICmakesMUSIC residency at Subrosa, placed 3rd in the Halifax DJ Olympics and had the privilege of opening for such industry heavyweights as Hatiras, Jon Selway, J.T. Donaldson, Kascade, the East Coast Boogeymen and Steve Smooth.

Having moved to Calgary in 2005, he is currently hosting a Friday night residency at Amsterdam Rhino called HUSTLE with fellow Almanova artist and good-friend Funkdub.