Dylan Leroy

Dylan Leroy is a part-time DJ, full-time music enthusiast, residing in the old western fort town of Calgary.
He’s been active in the scene since 1999 and has dirtied his hands in a variety of different musical styles.
With House music being his genre of choice, Dylan held down a number of residencies in Calgary over
the years and has had the pleasure of embarking on the open road travelling to entertain. He prefers the
finer things in life, such as curry, video games, potato chips, computers, movies, hot buttered popcorn,
and yes, even music.
During the day, Dylan is a full-time office aficionado. He dons the business casual clothing and gets the
job done. You can rest assured that when Mr. Leroy wants to kick back and play some tunes and unwind, he definitely means business.
Come shake your shoes and boots with Dylan. He promises it to be a grand ol’ time.